Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What would it cost me to become a member?

    You can become a member by making a onetime payment/donation of $50, as soon as this is done, you will automatically be part of the organization and its vision, which will give you an access to partake in our project to earn while helping others.

2. Will I get bonus when I introduce Satoshi Empire to new members?

    Yes, you will receive $10 when you refer members to Satoshi Empire

3. After registration what should I do?

      you are required to refer minimum of 2 accomplices each, every additional sign up (referrals) will make an overflow influencing the network to fill faster, and you also get $10 reward as you do so.

4. Does the one time registration fee price increase after new members registers?

    The one time registration fee is $50 it doesn't increase nor decreases.

5. Is there a limit on the numbers of people I can refer?

    No, every additional sign up (referrals) will make an overflow influencing the network to fill faster, and you also get $10 reward as u do so on every one you refer

6. After referring new members or getting bonuses, can I request for withdraw immediately?

     yes you can withdraw immediately, a notification message will be sent to your mail for you to authorize your withdrawal any time you request for one.

7. What will happen if I didn't pay the one time registration fee?

     as soon as you register on your registration page you will be given 20minutes to make your payment, if failed your account will be deleted from the platform

8. Can I have multiple Accounts?

     Definitely Yes, you can have 6 to 14 accounts directly to your name, before you do that you must be sure you can refer 2 people each under the subsequent accounts, else you will find it difficult to grow, But if you do and manage your accounts to have 2 each, then you will enjoy multiple referral bonuses and matching bonuses, above all, it will cause massive spill-over and spill-under in your matrix, making it fill faster.

9. What is the maximum loan I can get?

   As a King in Satoshi Empire, you can request for a loan of $5,000 to pay back without interest or collateral when you get the Queen Empire. Your membership as a King in Satoshi Empire is your collateral which guarantees your access to this loan.

10. Do you really empower the less privileged, and How?

    Yes. In Satoshi Empire, we empower the less privileged through our members by giving the less privileged 5% of every members donation. We reach out to the less privileges by partnering with other standard organization such as WHO, UNICEF, REDCROSS and many more. We also give our members tasks to carry-out at the end of KNIGHT, QUEEN AND KING EMPIRE, allocating some funds to them to visit less privileged homes of their choice.

11.  Is the KING EMPIRE attainable in 2 months?

    Definitely, if only you are focused and can get or introduce 2 persons, who can also do same. With this format, the KING EMPIRE is achievable in less than 2 months. In the process of attaining your KING EMPIRE, do not forget that you will earn more.

12. How do I attain the KING EMPIRE stage?

    As soon as you join SATOSHI EMPIRE, you will automatically become a PAWN member after completing the onetime payment of $50. You will be place on top of a 2 x 2 matrix where you'll be required to introduce 2 members, when these 2 introduced their 2 each making it 6 people in your matrix, you will be paid and your position is changed to BISHOP EMPIRE status, likewise the 6 people in your matrix.

The KNIGHTS and QUEEN EMPIRE are 2 x 5 matrix, KING EMPIRE which is 2 x 2 matrix, when your QUEEN EMPIRE matrix is completely filled, you will be promoted to KING EMPIRE which is a 2 x 2 matrix, here you need just need 6 members who have completed QUEEN EMPIRE matrix, then you'll be paid over $80,000 and all other benefit due to your current status. As you complete the KING EMPIRE matrix, you will automatically be re-entered back into the PAWN Stage with a monthly global profit of $1,000.

13. Are there room for spill over and spill under?

     yes there are room for spill over and spill under



1. We provide members the opportunity to pay and withdraw in Bitcoin(BTC)/Ethereum(ETH) or Dogecoin

2. Copy the BITCOIN/Ethereum Address you are being given, pay the Bitcoin (BTC)/Ethereum (ETH) or Dogecoin(DOGE) Value you are given. Paying less will be flagged as an unrecognized payment.

     Remember: CHECK the FIRST 4 characters and the LAST 4 characters of the Bitcoin/Ethereum Address when you PASTE it elsewhere, We will not refund an incorrect Deposit.

     Important: You can deposit Bitcoin (BTC)/Ethereum (ETH) or Dogecoin(DOGE) from anywhere. Include exchange market.

 We require minimum 2 confirmations to complete transaction. On average, each confirmation takes about 30 minutes. It can take more time depending on the Bitcoin/Ethereum or Dogecoin network so do not worry and wait quietly.

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